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DEAE-Dextran 500

Diethylaminoethyl-Dextran (DEAE-Dextran) is a polycatonic derivative of Dextran. DEAE-Dextran is available from Pharmacosmos for a number of applications hereunder vaccine manufacture, gene therapy and protein stabilization. Pharmacosmos DEAE-Dextran are based on Pharmacosmos’ world-leading Dextran products, and Pharmacosmos DEAE-Dextran are also produced at Pharmacosmos’ state-of-the-art, GMP-approved facility in Denmark

DEAE-Dextrans from Pharmacosmos are packed and stored in safe and clean conditions.

DEAE-Dextran 500 is available in the following pack sizes: 

Item no Weight Packaging
7502 0500 9000 5 g 50 mL polyethylene (HDPE) container with a desiccant integrated in the LDPE cap and with tamper proof closure. 
7502 0500 9000 100 g 500 mL wide neck, polyethylene (HDPE) container with tamper proof closure
7502 0500 9000 500 g 1500 mL wide neck, polyethylene (HDPE) container with tamper proof closure
7502 0500 9000  5 kg Polypropylene container. Dextran powder sealed in double polyethylene bags
7502 0500 9000 50 kg Fiber drum with the dextran powder sealed in double polyethylene bags and alu bag.


DEAE-Dextran, being a polycation, offers many applications, such as a component/adjuvant in vaccines, for transfection and gene therapy, cholesterol/weight modulation, a stabiliser of proteins, in drug delivery and as a flocculant.


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Pharmacosmos is the only dextran manufacturer holding certificates from the US FDA and European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines (EDQM)

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Quality Delivered

Pharmacosmos delivers a unique dextran quality through a production technology that completely avoids the use of organic solvents and a quality system that meets the strictest cGMP standards for human medicines

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Global Service

Pharmacosmos sells and ships directly to clients everywhere in the World. We deliver Pharmaceutical Quality Dextran of the highest standards, including those of the European Pharmacopoeia (EP), the United States Pharmacopoeia (USP), and the Japanese Pharmacopoeia (JP).

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